Bunnies vs. Bunnies

Bunnies vs. Bunnies screenshot

A short but challenging realtime strategy game which is primarily a heavy-handed fable.  

Originally created with the help of Mitchell Hillman in an "extended weekend" (five days) for the mini Ludum Dare #14 48-hour game creation competition, in 2022 I released an updated and enhanced edition dedicated to the people of Ukraine.

Content warning: bunny violence; Putin quotations.

You can find discussion related to the game and a link to an old, more challenging version with a time limit at the TIGSource Forums.

Some kind words:

Awesome effort (Alex Higgins, Zandair Studios).

Wonderful. At first I thought, this is like SimAnt. I changed my mind. I don’t remember ghettos and Gatling guns in SimAnt (Jed Davis, NG Comments).


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