Ms. Lojka or: In Despair to Will to Be Oneself

Ms. Lojka or: In Despair to Will to Be Oneself screenshot

Ms. Lojka or: In Despair to Will to Be Oneself

Created with: Twine

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A short hypertext exploration of psychosis, about ignorance, defiance, and freedom—or: self-knowledge, acquiescence, and fate. Takes about 15 minutes to play. There are two significantly-divergent endings, but replays are intentionally discouraged.

Ms. Lojka was exhibited at the 2016 Spring Thing interactive fiction festival, was selected as a finalist for the 2016 New Media Writing Prize, and was aquired by the British Library’s "Emerging Formats" project in 2020.

Discussion and Reactions:


Some kind words:

A Work of (Dark) Art… 9/10 (Jacqueline A. Lott, interactive fiction author and critic).

I can only see this working as the perception of a pathological narrator or a non-literal story of inner exploration. For what it’s worth, it works very well in that capacity (Newgrounds review).

On the flip side:

A technical marvel with a disjointed story about identity (Math Brush, interactive fiction author and critic).

I don’t understand anything that you’re trying to say through this game. Not a single thing. (Xavier, NG Comments).

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