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Created with: AS3/FlashPunk

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A tiny interactive sketch about the mundane things of life which are also sacred; inspired by being in Vietnam during Tết. Takes about three minutes to play through, and requires no gaming skills. Made for my GameTrekking project.

Discussion and Reactions: NewgroundsGameTrekking.


Some kind words:

Simple and lovely (Jason Rohrer, creator of Passage and The Castle Doctrine).

Wonderful (Robert Brown, Cartoonist).

Unforgettable. Simple and stunning. Kinda reminds you not to forget about the one’s you’ve lost. (phantomsgirll, Newgrounds).

Brief but compelling. Made me ponder over my quite lax attitude towards commemorating the departed. I’m grateful. (Piotr, GameTrekking comments).

Again I was surprised by your singular approach to the interactive medium. I have to say that when I want to give a new vision of the interactive medium to someone I generally talk about your work (Cyprien Chevillard, Art director at Les Improvisiak’s).

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