A Brief History of Cambodia

A Brief History of Cambodia screenshot

A Brief History of Cambodia

Created with: AS3/FlashPunk

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A small sketch about the history of Cambodia. Takes a few minutes to play through, and requires no gaming skills. Made for my GameTrekking project.

Discussion and Reactions: NewgroundsGameTrekking.

This game was ported to GameMaker/HTML5 in 2022 by myself, Raven Lickey, and Grayson Molesworth. The port is true to the original Flash version, except that the end screens were notably removed. The original Flash version can still be played at Newgrounds.

Content warning: disturbing themes.

Some kind words:

Creepy, awful, and amazing (Jason Rohrer, creator of Passage and The Castle Doctrine).

As I was drowning each victim, I honestly felt like crying. Your work is amazing and please continue to make more. I always liked video games, but you have taken interactive media to a whole new level (Adnan Khan, GameTrekking comments).

On the flip side:

Sorry, but I really don’t get your idea. I understand your metaphor, but it’s way too generic to be associated with Cambodia (maringtr, Newgrounds).


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