Being There

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Being There

Created with: Inform 7

Download for: All Platforms

An extremely experimental little work of interactive fiction with pictures, about existence and Korea. Being There requires that you download and install a free Glulx interpreter.

Once you’ve installed a Glulx interpreter, go ahead and download Being There. You’ll need to unzip it, then open it with the Glulx interpreter.

Discuss at the Notgames ForumsTIGForums, or the IFDB.


Some kind words:

An Ode to Joy… the joy of living, the joy of experiencing and acting—that is what this game is about (Victor Gijsbers, author of The Baron and Fate).

I really enjoyed it. Evoked a strong feeling of nostalgia—memories of chilly autumn days at the park and such. The photos were lovely. I loved all of the different interactions you programmed in—it was quite compelling just exploring this mysterious, kind of magical world. Made me feel like I was a kid again (Adam, TIGForums).

I have played through it five times so far. The pictures seem alive and the actions are awesome… It felt like I was there. I just wish it wasn’t so short (Brendan Magnuson, my brother).

A touching travelogue… a love letter to Korea (Peter, IFDB).

On the flip side:

In the end, it really doesn’t say very much about either existence or Korea (Felix Larsson, IFDB).

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