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I wrote a book about making little poetic videogames! (You know, the kinds of games you’ll find on this site.)

If you’re interested in videogames and/or poetry (or like any of the games that I’ve made over the last fifteen years or so), check it out at! It’s open access, so electronic editions are free!

The book is somewhat academic in tone (it is published by Amherst College Press), but was written to be accessible to a wide audience including scholars, but also: artists, poets, game designers, game players, and really anyone interested in unusual perspectives on videogames.

The book has two goals: first, to show that it can be interesting to consider certain videogames as poetic artifacts, and second to provide some groundwork for anyone who might be interested in making poetic videogames in practice.

You can also find the book at it’s citable DOI page, which is

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