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Do you make little art games, or "game poems" to express yourself to the world? Would you like to see more videogames that tackle every aspect of human experience—the interior stuff, as well as the exterior stuff? Do you make games during the day and read poetry at night—or vice versa? Would you be interested in a cozy space where you could talk about this stuff with other game makers without being considered weird?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, join my brand new Discord server: Game Poets! Link:

The Game Poets Discord is a cozy conversation corner for anyone interested in the hard work of making more impactful, artful, human, and poetic videogames. Games that drip with the "subtlety, elegance, and hunger of the human spirit" (to quote Eavan Boland). 

It is an intimate and safe space to talk about game design/art/poetry, ask tough questions, get feedback, and share inspiration (as well as frustrations). 

I’m always interested in bringing unusual lenses and inputs to my game design process—particularly in an effort to make games about the “other sides” of human experience: the subjective side, the interior side, the relational side, the spiritual side. Not only “What happens when two objects collide?” (what many videogames have historically been about) but also: “Why does death so catch us by surprise, and why love?” (Annie Dillard.) That’s where my interest in poetry comes in, and my interest in the tension created by juxtaposing "poetry" with "games." Because poetry sort of captures a lot of what we’ve struggled to make games about—and that’s what I hope to talk more about on this Discord. Not just little games that use poetic language… but everything connected to videogame design as a holistic, human, and poetic art form. 

There are no "wrong kinds of games" here. Come join us! (Scholars also welcome)


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