Are Danish Games Really the Next Big Thing?

Danish Film Institute (DFI), Denmark’s top agency for film and cinema culture, has just branded some of its local games as among the biggest in the world video gaming industry. It said that the Danish video games are now ready to conquer the world using three key qualities: diversity, experimentation, and fierce determination. You can say that those are strong words from DFI, especially because the agency isn’t really a designated video game industry organization. Still, you can’t fault DFI because over the years, the Danish video game industry has been flourishing. Among the biggest Danish games today are Hitman from IO Interactive, Watchmen: The End is Nigh by Deadline Games, and Limbo by Playdead.

DFI cited a few games developed under its Games Scheme project. These games range from death and gladiators to dance-happy gents and go-getter geezers.

First on the list is Forced, an action-packed RPG that is finished/won by having players work together. The game was well-received by critics and was among the first to receive grants from Game Scheme. It was also able to raise US$65,000 via Kickstarter, proving how worthy it is of the fans’ attention.

Another game that got a special mention from the agency is Expeditions: Conquistador, a strategy game set in the 16th century. The game, which is set to be released before the spring ends, is about the Spanish expedition in Central America. The player has to assume the role of a Spanish conquistador in order to penetrate and conquer the American territory.

The Danish video game industry also made sure that it will provide brand new games in different genres. Among them are Let’s Dance, a comical but artistic approach to the dance of death, The Gentleman, a music game of unbridled joy that features Broadway dancing and timeless cool, and Spin the Bottle, a game that puts a digital twist on the classic children’s game.

The video game industry in Denmark is flourishing. The efforts put by people involved in the industry are harvesting rewards. Now, it is not just traditional games that are making a case. Even real money games like poker and casino games are highly patronized. You can say this is because of the fun and exciting nature of poker games. You can also say it is because of the exposure former football heroes like Gus Hansen and Kim Christofte had in the 2006 Partypoker Football & Poker Legends Cup. The truth is, it’s because of the government’s support in whatever type of video games. Yes, poker games are very fun. You can win cash right at the comfort of your home or qualify for the World Poker Tour or the World Series of Poker without even going out. But none of this is possible is the nation remained cold-shouldered in a beautiful cultural sector that is video gaming.

Danish video games aren’t the stars yet but they are on their way to dominance. If DFI and other involved agencies continue supporting the industry, things will only get better for the country and the whole video game industry.

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